Combine a spectacular vacation with a wonderful creative learning experience, find out how to take more interesting photographs with simple ideas and tips that you can use immediately and on all future holidays. Spark your creativity and improve your skills by learning how your camera works, the basic rules of composition, exposure, storing and manipulating your pictures using a PC and how to survey and discover extraordinary subjects and landscapes, to obtain artful images. Our small-group workshop will take you to the most photogenic locations in western Crete, carefully planned for the best light and you will not only go home with images to be proud of, but use your new found skills to improve and expand your photographic technique in general.
Photography week including 4* accomodation and meals - starting from €1.450

Watercolor painting

Start your artistic journey or improve your skills and technique with our watercolour painting courses in a relaxed seaside environment and friendly small group of like-minded friends. Our art course provides you with specialised tuition so that you can experiment and learn the basics of colour, composition and technique, while enjoying and capturing your destination’s beautiful surroundings. Crete offers an array of wonderful locations to develop your artistic skills, from tiny cobbled streets with Venetian flair in the Old Harbor of Chania to dramatic natural landscapes, beaches or characteristic stone buildings that remind of glorious ancient times. 
Watercolor painting lesson - 4 hours - starting from €65 


Discover how easy it is to cook healthy and tasty dishes with our Cretan gastronomy class that will teach you the basics of Mediterranean cuisine, how to choose, store and cook with olive oil and to plan your menus according to seasonal produce. You will prepare step by step famous Cretan appetizers, like 'dakos' – barley rusks topped with tomato sauce and feta cheese - and 'dolmadakia' – vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs. You will get your hands on making the main course, which includes recipies such as lamb 'kleftiko' or 'gemista' - stuffed vegetables - using only seasonal, local ingredients. The famous Cretan 'kaltsounia' - pies with local cheese and phyllo pastry, drizzled with honey, is another traditional dessert, easy to reproduce at home. After the class you will sit down with your new foodie friends and enjoy a tasty meal you just cooked, pairing it with excellent Cretan wine picked by our sommelier. 
Cooking class including lunch - starting from €75


As old as the Minoans, the art of pottery is still highly praised in Crete both for decorative as well as practical use. From large jars used as flower pots to cooking vessels, kitchenware and 'terracottas' - small ceramic figurines, the clay art is vividly present in the everyday life of Cretans. Our pottery courses provide a step-by-step introduction to the materials and techniques that help us create and express ourselves, teaching basic ceramics and sculpture techniques, pottery technology, mold making, wheel, decoration and baking techniques. Each class is tailor-made for everyone, adjusted to their particular needs and inclinations, whether they want to delve into ceramics art or spend some creative time exploring their own artistic talent.
Pottery class including all materials - 4 hours - starting from €75

Jewelry making

Learn how to create your own unique necklace, earrings and bracelet designs, whether you want to make a single piece or an entire line and start your own handmade jewelry business. Our hands-on creative workshop will show you how to combine various types of beads (pearls, crystal, ceramic, glass or metal) and create unique ones from clay, wire or leather. You will learn beading techniques, stringing as well as what findings and tools will help you to create a professional finish. Our small group classes is tailor-made for everyone and have a maximum of 8 students so that you have lots of personal tuition. You will walk away with amazing pieces of jewelry that everyone will ask where you bought them. 
Jewelry making class including all materials - 4 hours - starting from €75
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