Cretan cuisine

Discover the secrets of the most healthy diet in the world with hands-on workshops on Cretan cooking, learning how to choose, store and use olive oil and how to prepare healthy and delicious dishes from the most basic ingredients. Crete is the ultimate destination for food enthusiasts as the tradition is kept vivid in every household and restaurant, and all the ingredients are sourced locally, from mountain shepherds and fishermen to artisanal cheese makers, village bakers, farmers and bee-keepers. Cretan cuisine is rich and diverse, being considered even by fellow Greeks as the most authentic and best in entire Greece.
Cretan cuisine and wine week including 4* accomodation and all meals - starting from €1.395
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Wine tours

The grape vine has been systematically cultivated in Crete for 4000 years, with Minoans developing a flourishing economy, with agricultural, livestock-raising and commercial activities. The main products Cretans successfully cultivated and traded were olive oil, cereals and  wine. In Homer's time, Cretan wines were renowned throughout the known world and since then continued to be traded around the Mediterranean during the Roman, Byzantine and Venetian rule. Today, the wines of Crete are a valuable heritage of traditional varieties, in complete harmony with the island’s climate, improved with modern knowledge, vision and passion. There are many wineries in Crete, producing high quality wine in limited editions, many from ancient varieties, with flavours and aromas impossible to find elsewhere.  
Winery tour with wine tasting - 4 hours - starting from €65
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Orthodox Easter

In Greece, Easter is the biggest holiday of the year and is celebrated with a series of events that have their roots in pre-Christian times - the Elysian mysteries in ancient Greece, a spring celebration of nature rebirth. Today, it is directly connected with the Orthodox faith. The Holy Week lasts from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and is essentially a revival of Jesus´ last days, with customs, preparations, church services and thetrical rituals such as the symbolic funeral procession or the burning of the effigy of Judas. On Easter Sunday family and friends gather for a big Easter lunch, which typically includes spit roasted lamb or goat and countless meat and vegetable specialities, celebration lasting until the evening.
Orthodox Easter Week - including 4* accomodation, transfers and meals - starting from €1.250

Back to basics

Sleep in a 17th century restored Cretan house refurbished to detail, capturing the atmosphere of that period and experience life in an eco-friendly, self sustainable village, built on the ruins of an ancient settlement.  The basic need for water is covered by the springs and electricity is produced by solar panels. All houses have central heating, plus a fireplace or a wood stove for wintertime. The on-site restaurant cooks delicious Cretan food by traditional means, in wood stoves, with own raised meat, vegetables from the village organic garden and daily handmade bread, like our ancestors did for hundreds of years. The village is located in a mountainous area and makes a perfect base for hiking and walking, with scenic views over the sea and rough natural landscapes and colours.
Back to basic week - including accomodation, walks and meals - starting from €1.150
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Ancient Crete

The cradle of modern civilisation, Crete is inseparable from myths and legends, the magical place where Zeus was born, Daedalus built the labyrinth of the Minotaur and escaped by flying away with his son Icarus. In the dark Labyrinth, Theseus killed the Minotaur and found the exit by following the thread of Ariadne. Besides the most famous Knossos Palace, the epicentre of the Minoan civilization, the island is dotted with numerous archeological sites such as Phaestus, Malia, Zakros, Tylissos, Arhanes, Monastiraki, Galatas, Kydonia and the luxurious mansions at Agia Triada, Zominthos, Amnisos, Makrigialos, Vathipetro and Nerokouros, reflecting the splendor of ancient Crete through architectural, pottery, jewelry and painting masterpieces.
Explore ancient Crete week - including accomodation, meals and archeological sites visits - starting from €1.150
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