Adonis "light" lunch

Have you ever eat so much because everything was so good and the abundace of wonderfully presented dishes was urging you to try a little from everything? Welcome to Adonis' "light" lunch, a suite of various, small dishes, meze style, a journey for all your senses and a crash course on unique Cretan delicacies, which is better to be approached hungry!

Filoxenia in Greek means hospitality, a word that barely does justice to Cretan's hosting lunches as it fails to encompass a key element, which is generosity of spirit. Deeply rooted, our native Cretan Adonis was born with filoxenia in his blood and joining him for one of his legendary "light lunches" means actually attending an authentic banquet!

Based on your preferences, Adonis will choose the restaurant where he will host your lunch, it can be on the premises of his own hotel where he can directly supervise the preparation of your food and, if you are lucky, he might also cook a dish or two, or to a restaurant known for preparing local specialities, whether seafood or meat based. Depending on the season and availability, some of the surprising dishes that might complement the array of delicious food might be: snails, sea urchins, kakavia (fish) soup, stuffed cuttlesfish, seaweed, pilafi, goat's head, veal liver, lamb intestines, kleftiko or spit roasted lamb, considered true delicacies by locals and thus a real honor to be treated to some.

Never in the history of Adonis' hosted meals there was somebody to remain hungry or unsatisfied with his choice of menu and we guarantee that you will enjoy this experience and return home with fond memories of your culinary journey in Crete, the island considered even by Greeks as the temple of taste and the ultimate destination for food enthusiasts.

Duration: 3 hours

Private transfer

Private host

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