Balos Beach and Gramvousa trip with private boat

We challenged ourselves to find a way to make a special day visiting a place of such wondrous beauty as Balos even more special, and we believe we have found the answer; to visit it by private chartered boat!

So we will visit the paradise of Balos and Gramvousa on board our chartered 19 meters yacht that will sail us along the Venetian trails of the peninsula, where we will first visit the 16th century fortress on the tiny island of Gramvousa.

This nearly 500 year old fortress played a critical role in the fight against Ottomans and was occasionally inhabited by pirates so we will have a short stop here before heading the very short distance to soak up the sun on the pure white sands and warm topaz sea of Balos lagoon (food and refreshments served on board).

This exotic beach-lagoon with turquoise blue crystal clear waters is adorned by a special kind of vegetation. Indigenous shrub varieties, such as heather, Yenisey, thyme, and lentisc, form impressive shapes and patterns here, proving their evolved ability to survive in the adverse environmental conditions of the area, such as the strong northerly winds and the natural instability.

Due the incredible natural beauty and preserved ecosystem, both Gramvousa and Balos are included in the European initiative NATURA 2000. The preservation of the island’s natural environment, beyond the moral dimensions, is imposed through a strict national and European institutional protection system.

Whatever your taste in beaches, its unthinkable to suggest that Balos will leave anything other than a special memory for the rest of your life, simply magnificent!

Trip duration: 8 hours

Private transfer

Private host

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