• Nick Wadey

Loutro - A day out in true paradise!

Crete is well known for stunning beaches, some of which are officially rated amongst the most beautiful in the world.

But here's another statistic for you!

I make a point of asking people that have been on the trip to Loutro to tell me their top 5 places they have ever visited, that felt special anywhere in the world and over the years that's literally hundreds of people with all kinds of likes and dislikes but i can tell you that 100% of them have listed Loutro in their top 5! what more can I say?

Loutro is a tiny jewel of a village, remote and only accessible by boat or foot, the nearest they get to a car in Loutro is a friendly donkey!

Located in the south of Crete, around a single crescent bay, sparkling white buildings with blue shutters (think mini Santorini!) lay next to the turquoise green and blue Libyan sea, beautiful rugged mountains rising up behind the village make a great backdrop for sunsets that are only available in dreams until you see one for yourself!

Our day takes us south, over the mountains with some astonishing scenery from rugged towering mountains to fertile green plains where it really feels like time stood still for 100 years! We arrive at Sfakia, the main village of the area, with a small harbour where we board our exclusive Zeus Escapes chartered boat for our departure.

Less than 15 minutes later, we are put ashore in a tiny cafe situated on a large rock in the sea with a footbridge down to Sweetwater bay, a beach with water so clear you can count pebbles on the sea floor in very deep water, truly natural and stunning. The beach gets its name from the cooling freshwater springs that spiral up from the seabed.

After a relaxing morning here our boat collects us and we head out around a small peninsular to Loutro.

Here we sit together at our handpicked taverna next to the water where we enjoy a feast of local dishes, typically, fresh greens, salad, tsatsiki, fried courgettes, octopus, squid, fresh fish, bream, and lamb or pork from the spit roasting before our eyes, washed down with local wine.

If you are not so relaxed at that point that you have to snooze on the beach there, is time to walk around the village which includes some Venetian ruins at the tip of the peninsular protecting the bay or just relax and soak in the magical spirit and soul of this special little place before our boat carries us back to Sfakia, to commence our scenic drive back to the hotel, in good time to get ready for evening cocktails!

If you remember nothing else from your Zeus Escape, i promise you that Loutro will keep a little bit of your heart and you will forever have it on your list of special places, the thought of it will make you smile wherever you are, but don't worry, that happened to us all!

Trip duration: 8-9 hours

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Private host

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