Order your own Cretan products, carefully handpicked from certified local producers!
Send the list of your desired products and quantities to: info@zeusescapes.com
Each order is subject to a € 20.00 fee, for processing, packing and posting the goods, for parcels up to 20 kilos.  
Once the order is confirmed, you will be sent an invoice and an estimation for arrival. For Romania, posting can be done each Monday, goods can be picked-up on Wednesday.
Transport cost depends on carrier, for Romania the cost is €1.50 / kilo, payable at destination.
For UK and other European destinations, please contact us.

Extra virgin olive oil - NEW

Our own production of olive oil, using only Koroneiki variety olives, traditionally harvest and cold pressed, with an acidity below 0.5%. Can be ordered per liter, in bottles or metallic containers (1L,3L, 5L). 

Price for 1L:

€ 6.00

Graviera cheese with 4 peppers

Cretan gruyere cheese (PDO), matured at least 5 months and produced from sheep milk with grains of black, red, green and white pepper. Vacuum packed slices of approx. 250g. 

Price per kilo:

€ 18.00

Goat cheese

Produced exclusively from goat milk, this special semi-hard Cretan cheese (PDO) is of high biological value, with low fat and rich buttery taste. Vacuum packed slices of approx. 250g. 

Price per kilo:

€ 18.00

Variety of olives

Green, black or mixed color olives or marinated in garlic, chilli flakes and oregano, these Greek top quality olives come in vacuum packed bags of 150g or 250g.  

Price per bag:

€ 2.50 / € 4.00

Traditional olive oil soap

As pure as the olive oil from which it is made off, the traditional Greek olive oil soap treats facial skin, body and hair for the last 150 years. Dermatologically tested. Pack of 3 x 125g bars.

Price per pack (3 bars):

€ 5.00

Extra virgin olive oil - Kolymbari

From the Michelakis Family Groves, cold pressed and using traditional harvesting methods, he Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO is mild and fruity, ideal for salads, pasta and grilled vegetables.  

Metallic container 3L:

€ 24.00

Graviera cheese with cannabis

An original cheese (PDO) product that combines the traditional gruyere with the cannabis seeds (Cannabis Sativa L.), perfect for winter salads and aged wines. Vacuum packed slices of approx. 250g. 

Price per kilo:

€ 21.00

Smoked Graviera cheese

Hard cheese (PDO) from 100% Cretan pasteurised sheep and goat milk naturally smoked, with a nuanced, nutty flavor that imparts subtle woodsy notes. Vacuum packed slices of approx. 250g. 

Price per kilo:

€ 18.00

Thyme honey

The most revered Greek honey, a staple of Crete (DOP) mainly because wild thyme-fed bees produce less honey, making it rarer and more expensive. Intensely aromatic, sold in jars of 450g or 950g.  

Price per jar:

€ 10.00 / € 18.00

Natural olive oil soap (aromatics)

100% natural product that utilizes the precious benefits of olive oil, either natural or combined with lavender, honey, aloe, offering intensive care and hydration to the skin. Pack of 2 x 125g bars.

Price per pack (2 bars):

€ 5.00

Graviera cheese with paprika

Cretan cruyere cheese (PDO) with a mass a marble look, has a mild initial feeling with sweet spice notes from paprika with a long finish. Vacuum packed slices of approx. 250g. 

Price per kilo:

€ 18.00

Graviera cheese with truffle

A unique product (PDO) based on the strong combination of Cretan cheese with the aromatic black truffle, with a slightly sweetish taste. Vacuum packed slices of approx. 250g. 

Price per kilo:

€ 28.00

Graviera cheese with thyme

Semi hard Cretan yellow cheese (PDO) with exquisite herbal flavour, with dried thyme leaves in it. Perfect appetizer paired with thyme honey. Vacuum packed slices of approx. 250g. 

Price per kilo:

€ 18.00

Sesame bars with honey & nuts

Crunchy bars with whole nuts and Cretan honey, without any flavorings, colorings or preservatives. Peanuts, mixed nuts, pistacchio or simply natural sesame with honey. Bars of 100g.  

Price per bar:

€ 2.00

Olivia travel set

With organic olive and olive leaves extracts and a vitamin E, gently cleanses and hydrates, offering a silky feel. Shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel and body lotion, 60ml each.

Price per pack (4 x 60ml):

€ 4.00

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